​Dave has successfully compiled over 22 years of hands on crane assembly and disassembly worldwide. This includes tower cranes, lattice-boom-crawler- and truck-cranes, and large hydraulic cranes up to 800 tons. For 11 of those years he was proprietor of a tower crane erection and dismantle business, which operated globally. He brings to Stafford a wealth of practical crane knowledge from the commercial to industrial sectors, including creation of detailed lift plans and logistic plans, method statements, critical lift planning, site surveys, crane size selection and heavy lift rigging plans.

derek stafford

Years of experience: 32


Patrick N. stafford

Years of experience: 15

As Director of Marketing for Stafford Crane Group's North American operations, Bud Ashfield brings with him over 55 years of experience dedicated to the application of tower cranes in both the commercial and heavy duty construction markets. Over the course of Bud's career, he has been witness to and had involvement in historically significant national and international projects. Bud continues to provide valuable counsel to Stafford Crane Group on all current projects, bringing his vast historical knowledge of the industry to the table. 

Patrick founded Stafford Tower Cranes of America in 2004, in Phoenix, AZ. Since then, Stafford Crane Group has been an ever growing crane sales and rental presence in the United States, and continues to do so. In addition, Patrick opened the Tower Crane School of Phoenix in 2006, which trains crane operators in various courses and is certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators. Patrick has worked all over the world, in places such as Guam, Peru, and the UAE, as well as having a partnership with LiftCargas, a tower crane company in Brazil.

Stafford Tower Crane Consulting is part of the Stafford Crane Group which includes Stafford Tower Cranes, as well as the Tower Crane School of Phoenix. With our vast experience in all sectors of the crane industry, we can provide consulting and training for every part of your next tower crane job. We are also familiar doing business in all parts of the world such as the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas.




​Years of experience: 22

Derek first established Stafford Tower Cranes in 1996 in Dublin, Ireland. After successful business in Ireland and other parts of Europe, Derek founded Burj Tower Cranes in Dubai, UAE. He is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in the entire tower crane industry, and has worked all around the world. Derek brings international knowledge and an unparalleled amount of experience in the tower crane industry. In 2013, Patrick and Derek teamed up to form Phoenix Tower Crane, which manufactures tower cranes for the North American market.

bud ashfield

Years of experience: 55

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